About Us

Movement Salon is group of movement artists, writers, and a musician who practice and perform the art of improvisation. Our only parameters are time and space. We make the rest up, all of it. We work to create instantaneous and ephemeral compositions that explore the relationships between movement, sound, and text; bodies and space; choice and responsibility; and self and others. We practice the “four-fold way:” show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and don’t be attached to results.

We owe much of our inspiration to the work of the Architects, a fabulous movement improv group whose members offer an annual summer institute for participants to learn about, play and experiment with the practice of compositional improvisation.

We hold a weekly practice in Tucson on Sundays, 1-3 at the Taiko SPACE, 1013 S. Tyndall Ave. in the “new” artist warehouse district. Sometimes we work outside or in public space, too.  Please email us at movementsalontucson@gmail.com

3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    That sounds fun! especially moving outside.
    I just moved to tucson and would like
    to play. I’m a dancer and writer.


  2. I would like to join you today. I hope it’s at the address that’s posted here.

  3. Hi! i love this idea, please let me know about upcoming opportunities to play with you. I am a clown and circus acrobat aswell as thai massuese and yogi. We have a silent party like this in toronto, my home town, called movement.

    all the good things,


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