This is a place for us to post written (and sometimes spoken) improvised compositions.



movement 10 mins, duet: Jen had a big, purple pillow on her head, worked on the floor then upright +Greg tapping and knocking on the pillow, approaching and receding; Amanda scaled up and down a ladder watching; TC above her, taking flash pix.


the syntax of your face is absent—

like a mystery laid down then leaned on.

his hand tinkers blues onto your back,

a blanket of wind palming regrets.

something more salient and credible

than the pressure of touch,

or pointed light, beckons,

restless but quiet.



movement 10 mins. words thrown out: currency, retrofit, gravity, stay down. duet, Greg and Amanda low on the floor, crawling forward and back, sticking butts up. Jen reading TC’s words off the mirror.


you are all weight and hanging.

keep it down, play it slow.

—all grace and lift,

catching bodies as they compose narratives in the air.

body teeter tot, butt popped up

like crawling under barbed wire

or running backward,

a mountain of cats on your back.

dense and prolific

your weight is thrown out across

the desert, then tumbles,

low and informal.



movement 7 minutes, (Vic’s violin made chitter/chatter sounds); Greg hopped, bent forward with knee in his shirt; Amanda tied knotts with her hands scooping up the bottom of her pant legs; lots of balancing and leaning into each other.


her cricket heart

rolls shadows into the light

the body—a balance beam

arches under

over, leveling push against

gravity’s arithmetic.



warm-up: talking on the carpet about projectors and a mash game. then everyone moved quickly into composing from the start on the floor. felt like a tight little piece, with remarkable moments, esp one at the west end of the floor—Amanda and Jen’s slow rotation together as Greg moved behind them. wow.


can’t promise anyone no strangeness.

you are the giggle group of the plains

showering down your folded bodies,

torqued and delicious—

a famous sun orbiting

a layered and extra-ordinary friend,

pushing rivers off the seat

of her back, leaning onto her

arms—an airplane.


May 18, 2008

That she will spend the next 17 years

placing a palm to a backbone.

That she will go here.  and go willingly.

That this is an impasse.

Because the body is neither promise nor kindness nor dare.

– tc




katy did pleasure geometry

spread out like alabaster coastline

questioning earth’s rotation

a gesture bus


chance—a fluted sound

forgotten and curling back time


distance trader, fluid friend

a genie on your lap


pull the sacral bridge back up

crest it into tangos


May 11, 2008

unison defacto remiss


you are here and full of rain

the possibility of


the fact of a unison is remiss

he believes in his own face

he is predisposed to reach and to miss

it was the particular way she gave up on space

the way end took inspiration from begin.

feedback familiar and send.


there were 2 hands and then

the blessing of a 3rd between them

(a causal predisposed to reachliness)

that i could not repair miss and unblend


a topography of unrequited laughter

with a hand not a shade and a gleaning

the wash of fists that have met with my mouth

lie to fit the floor inside my scapula

a unison of reach and of gift



comfort wind chaptered into swans

spare me your weight,

cradle sweep your friend by her hip

a gesture blindingly taught and turned around

lovely swimmer


pat down halo star

rival pair peeling release

jack astor reckless catching inspection


japanese troubleshooter

airplane wonder

take it easy, man


southern radical hope rhythm train taking bows


sassy peck river

limbs spin rocket slow

vibe wire spans a hover dive

tension trial

tender end.



April 20, 2008

opening strategies warm death’s limber salute

spring tender ease

walled in and stupefied


no confessions’ here

friendship’s aerial throat fall

circle finished done.


Plumb Pit Chi

statue heavy

tilt stuck ship




prayer around body

scream chest’s tense loggerhead

grief, say your bone’s longest note

holding plum pit’s narrow guage

slowed down

wind blocked sacrifice of apologies

never emptied

never changed.

cancel the weather and

listen to these lovers

lip synch




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